20 10 2011

Oh, Esteban…some of you may be thinking, “who the hell is that?!”. As for me, I still remember the first time that I saw the mysterious man in the funny black hat I later learned to know as Esteban. He has an infomercial series that airs in t.v. That sells a “beginner” starter guitars. Funny me once would have fallen for this, I remember asking my parents if I could have one when I was younger, but I’ve smartened up. For those of you who don’t know him, this guy can teach you a little something something about my old pal Esteban.


R.I.P. Billy Mays

29 09 2011

Billy May was a great man, and may he rest in peace. Let’s celebrate his life in song!

They All Laughed About the Grill Glove, Until They Saw This?

11 09 2011

They all Laughed about the Grill Glove, Until They Saw this? I laughed after I saw this! I think it is absolutely absurd that you would even WANT to stick your hand into fire. I think it is equally as absurd that after putting a blow torch to his hand, it looks as though it graces his arm but he is unscathed. Hmmm…Fake Much?

Poor Marketing Skills

11 09 2011

If you can relate to these actors in the As Seen on TV commercials, than you should be required to purchase what they’re trying to sell you.  This is a video depicting the poor marketing skills of inventors trying to pull their consumers in to purchase their products.  It is somewhat insulting to look at this when all of the depictions of “normal American people” are plan ridiculous! Watch and Enjoy!

Funny Bark Off Review

11 09 2011